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12 hours and health maintenance

12 hours and health maintenance

Chinese body clock and health maintenance

XU (19:00-21:00)—pericardium meridian

The pericardium is on duty at this time. Pericardium is mainly to protect the heart and the main passway for blood and qi. When pericardium is activated at wu, it dispels all the pathogenic energy around the heart to protect it.

People with heart trouble can knock the pericardium at this time to strong the heart. Strong exercise should be avoided.

Soak the feet in hot water about 40℃ for half an hour is advised. This can help dispel pathogenic heat and damp and activate blood.

Hai (21:00-23:00) —triple-JIAO meridian
According to Chinese medicine, SAN-JIAO is the largest fu in human body. SAN JIAO is linked to all meridians. If you have a good rest during HAI period. All your meridians can get rest and this is good for health.

People should keep a peace and calm mood at this time, so it’s time to feed the body with joy. Having sex at this time also leaves enough time for a sound sleep and rest for the next day.

That is the health maintencance in XU and HAI period.

Body clock–SHEN and YOU

Body clock–SHEN and YOU

Chinese body clock

SHEN (15:00-17:00)—bladder meridian

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the bladder meridian goes work at this time. Bladder’s main function is store urine and body fluid. Urine is excreted and body fluid stay inside the body. Urine out means means toxin expeling. If people have heat in bladder, it usually causes cough with incontirence of urine.

Temperature is high at SHEN period. So more water is needed. If you want to pee, just do it and do not hold too long. Or that will cause uroschesis, that means the sphincter vesicae loss elasticity.

You (17:00-19:00)—kidney meridian

After the bladder experting toxin, the kidney meridian takes its turn. Kidney begins to store essence during this period and this is the best for kidney reinforcing therapy.

It’s time for dinner but not too much leave enough time for stomach to digest before going to bed. A little wine is good to activate blood circulation.

It is the best time for Sexual intercourse.

That is the Chinse clock in SHEN and YOU time.

TCM body clock–WU and WEI

TCM body clock–WU and WEI

Traditional Chinese medicine body clock

Wu (11:00-13:00)—heart meridian
This is the lunch time.A good diet is needed during this time. Take a slow walk after lunch. And a half hour’s nap is recommended.

The heart is on duty at this time. People is the most active during this period. The heart push the blood to active to nurish the SHEN,qi and JIN. Nap is good for heart at this time, but not more than 1 hour, or you will hardly go to sleep at night.

Wei (13:00-15:00)—small intestine meridian
Small intestine is active at this time. It clears the good from the waste, eassen to spleen, water to the bladder and waste to the large intestine. So lunch is better before 1pm.

TCM body clock–CHEN and SI

TCM body clock–CHEN and SI

Horary clock—traditional Chinese medicine clock

Chen (7:00-9:00)-stomach meridian
After a whole night of digest, Now the stomach is on duty, so it is time for breakfast. Eat warm foods and eat slowly. Rubbing the stomach and belly while walking helps improve digestion one hour after breakfast.
If the stomach fire is flarring up, you will have a cheilosis.
Breakfast is necessary at this time. If our stomach is not filled with food, it will get too much Gastric Acid Secretion. Gastric ulcer, gastritis, and cholecystitis will follow in bad condition.

Si (9:00-11:00)—- spleen meridian
Spleen is active during this time. Blood and energy flow to the spleen to support metabolism, conversion of nutrients into blood and energy and send them to muscles.
If the function of the spleen is good, so is the blood. And then the lip is ruddy. If not, the lip is pale or dull purple.
During this time, 8 cups of water is needed at least.

Remember to have a breakfast and have 8 cups of water during CHEN and SI time to keep your body healthy.

Body clock–Yin and Mao

Body clock–Yin and Mao

Horary clock, traditional Chinese medicine body clock.

YIN (3:00-5:00) —lung meridian

Yin and the yang begins to change at this time. It change from yin to yang. So does the human body. Lung meridian is on duty during this time. People who is weak in lung will cough at this time and Someone may cough more seriouly when they go to sleep.

People should be in deep asleep during this period to keep deep breath and get enough oxygen for lung. Then lung takes fresh air to blood.
If you cough so seriouly and wake up, get up and drink some warm water to nourish the lung then go back to bed.

Mao (5:00-7:00) —large intestine meridian
The large intestine is on duty after the lung takes fresh air to blood and the inner organs. So it is time for us to get up, go to the toilet and move the bowels.

To avoid apoplexy, we should take it easy at this time. Get up, wear appropriate clothes, sit at the side of the bed for some time and meanwhile drink a cup of warm water.

The first cup of water of one day should be considered seriouly. It should not be tea or coffe. Just a cup of warm water is the best. And the second cup you may drop one or two ladles of honey in your cup. Meanwhile some stretch practice may help you to clear away the waste of the body.

a cup of warm waterhoney