LIE QUE-health care acupoint

acpuncture point lie queAcupuncture point–LIE QUE

LIE QIE acupuncture point belongs to lung channel of hand TAIYIN. LIE means broken in Chinese; QUE means lost in Chinese. The water of lunge meridian broke here and spread.
Function of LIE QUE?

LIE QUE can release the exterior, expel exterior Wind, help descend Lung Qi, benefit the head and neck area, and benefit the bladder.acupuncture point  lie que
This acupoint can be used to treat asthma, cough, eye deviation, facial muscle paralysis, genital penis pain, headache, jaw disorders, mouth deviation, neck stiffness and toothache.

Where is LIE QIE?

LIE QUE is on the radial margin of the forearm, superior to the styloid process of the radius, 1.5 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist.

Cross the index finger and thumbs of both hands, with index finger of one placing on the styloid process of the radius of the other. The depression right under the tip of the index finger is  LIE QUE.

How to act?

Puncture obliquely 0.3-0.5 cun, (should be done by good acupuncturist), better toward the elbow or the wrist.
Moxabustion with 3-5 moxa cone, or moxa for 5 to 10 minutes.
Press and rub can be also affect, with the pressed one relaxed fist.

Health care acupoint–SHAO SHANG

health care acupuncture point--shao shangSHAO SHANG
SHAO SHANG acupuncture point belongs to lung meridian. It is usually used to treat symptoms like amygdalitis, sore throat, cold with heat, and  pneumonia.

Where is SHAO SHANG?
0.1 cun ( a unit of length in traditional Chinese medicine ) by side of Radialis side of the thumb.

How to act?
Shallow insertion 0.1 cun with acupuncture needle (operated by a professional acupuncturist ). Rubbing also do effect.

Health care acupuncture point–HE GU

health care acupuncture point--heguHealth care acupuncture point–HE GU

He gu
He gu is the mother acupoint in large intestine meridian.  It is the storage for qi of large intestine meridian. He GU can supply qi and blood for the whole large intestine meridian. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the lung and the large intestine being interior-exteriorly related in 5 zang-organs and 6 fu-organs. So diseases related with lung and large meridian can be treated by HE GU.
He GU is also a acupuncture point to treat toothache. Right toothache press the left side, and left rub the right side.

Where is HE GU?
Put your left thumb on your right hand, first horizontal stripes aligning the finger-web between right thumb and index finger. The tip of your left thumb is HE GU.

Rub and press toward the little finger can make the best effect.

Beauty care acupuncture point—SHEN MEN

beauty acupuncture point-shen menBeauty care acupuncture point—SHEN MEN


In Chinese characters, SHEN means spirit; MEN means gate. The whole meaning of SHEN MEN is the gate of spirit. SHEN MEN is a very important acupoint to tranquilize and nourish the heart.

SHEN MEN belongs to heart meridian. According to traditional Chinese medicine, heart controls mental activities. Diseases related to spirit and mental can be treated by SHEN MEN.

SHEN MEN is the mother acupuncture point of heart meridians. It is the storage for qi of heart.

Nowadays, ladies work with more and more pressure. All these will lead to trouble with mental and spirit, like insomnia, amnesia, and dysphoria. if this condition last for a long time, ladies will look weak and pale.

Where is SHEN MEN?
There is a round bone at hypothenar. Find the large tendon at this place. The cross of the large tendon and the rasceta is SHEN MEN.

Press on this point can keep good spirit and beauty. Moxibustion is more effective.

Beauty care acupoint–taixi

beauty acupuncture point--taixiBeauty care acupoint–taixi

TAI XI acupuncture point

In Chinese characters, TAI means big, huge and a large amount; XI means stream. The whole meaning of TAI XI is a lot of stream. As the saying goes, “ women are made of water”. So water is very important for women. TAI XI is one of those acupoints to supple water of the body.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, kidney belongs to water in 5 elements. If the kidney gets weak, water inside the body can not control fire, then heart fire will flir up. Symptoms like insomnia, thirsty, constipation, xerodermia, gloomy complexion will follow.

TAI XI is the root of kidney meridian, just like the storage of kidney qi. If the kidney qi is not enough, we can use TAI XI to get it. Meanwhile, TAIXI is one acupuncture point to supply essence.

Where is TAI XI?
TAI XI is at the back of malleolus medialis, the pit between achilless tendon and the malleolus medialis.

Frequent rub on the point will lead sufficient kidney qi and rosy face.